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About me

20.09.2011 17:34:29 I will not write too much about himself, not very much like todivulge personal information, so little ...

He worked several years in the web business in three webstudio, was basically a coder, has acquired extensive knowledge in the field of web and went to the free bread.

Familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XSLT, PHP, MySQL, Object Pascal (Delphi, Lazarus), Photoshop, 3d (Blender, 3dsMax), Linux

That something like this, a list of knowledge is not small, but not that great.

Man I'm not tolerant of stupidity and not rational, so I'm veryhard to do shit sites for clients here and went to the free bread

January 9, in 2012, tragedy struck. Left us a wonderful person. To me it severely lacking, and I hope that he is better there. I blame myself for this tragedy. If I would have agreed to work together, possibly could have prevented this tragedy.

Alexey will always be in my memory.

Photo Alexey