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19.09.2011 21:12:29

you came to the site web programmer coder ... Here you will find many useful things for web development, certainly not as much as php.su or htmlbook.ru

I worked for several years in web studios Karaganda and learned a lot and try to share my knowledge of web development.

course information online about it more than necessary, but still have the same score chemto this site.

the way the site works on samopisnom engine. In Dashed CMS, I gathered all the knowledge that he managed to accumulate and lovingly put them in this creation, while some did not finish mot, so long did not spread to the download as soon as fixes several flaws immediately lay, Dashed CMS will be distributed under the GNU GPL .

One of the main advantages of this CMS is a mirror multilingual and easy construction of modules for content management tasks.

mirror language versions is achieved by storing versions of the fields in one table that allows to use one identifier for different languages.

system is easily scalable by using a constructor that creates configuration files, configuration files generated for the module interface and the database tables and set the appropriate fields. Unlike most CMS in the database are only specified fields no more, no less, that is, If you want to create a module which can be only one editable line (recording), it will create two fields, ID, and your field is, of course there are standard types of fields whose names can not be modified, there are fields that pull in a field other service or require creation of an additional module ...

little distracted, more about Dashed CMS, see the relevant section ...

way I will try to fill in all language versions of the site, but the quality of English and particularly the Kazakh be not so hot if you know the Kazakh, please help with translation, for the first highlight the text to translate it and press ctrl + enter will add a form to send messages after translation of the text box and enter the verification code from this spam, but do not hold the form of sending too long or have to click on refresh!

Help young Kazakh-programmers, for which there is no way to find the necessary documentation in their native language and understand!