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PHP Programming

Code optimizer PHP, Javascript, CSS 03.11.2011 14:51:55 [2]

In general, faced with the task to optimize the code a bit before pouring it on hosting. Actually it took me no, and a friend decided to take the case. At the end you can download the source script.

Submission Form errors Ctrl + Enter 29.10.2011 13:52:36 [4]

So today I'll post your submission form errors by pressing Ctrl + Enter, an example of working on my website. Download the source code you can in the end. Few write about the features of my sending errors.

GD No noticeable errors in image processing 27.10.2011 12:29:24 [-1]

In this paper no bigger than I will tell you how unexpected swim bugs in the code and in particular the code it comes to handling files are in Linux. An interesting feature of the Linux family is that the Linux file system is case sensitive.

The trick with switching languages 21.10.2011 14:19:39 [2]

While I implemented the conclusion on its website tried several options how to replace the mirror and language at the end of all investigations came to one not a bad option ...

The ternary operator "?" 20.10.2011 21:04:08 [1]

This is the first article about the PHP programming on this site so do not kick over the subject. Today I will write about the ternary operator "?:" Is available in languages ike C#, to whom are PHP and JavaScript. So what is the ternary operator?