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Cloud technology 05.11.2011 10:11:07 [0]

This article is in addition to previously written article.

A stupid trend or as users accustomed to the poor 04.11.2011 08:06:56 [0]

The main rule of intelligent network user does not leave the network numbers and credit card, well, and similar information. I have always not only to this rule, and of generally tried not to leave too much information about themselves online.

Utopia, the ideal use of computers 31.10.2011 17:51:00 [2]

Today I will share with you my dream ... Imagine a world utopia where everyone trusts the other, where there is no money and no one not interested in the personal information of others. Each person is responsible for their actions, not lazy, do not steal and try to help society.

A little about online games 27.10.2011 11:00:41 [0]

I especially do not play computer games especially online games, such as switched on the next zombiruet banner and looked screenshots ...

Cry from the heart or the moron 27.10.2011 09:23:53 [0]

Probably many have faced a lot of idiots in the network and here again I ran into this. In the circumstances a century, decided to add a user came with a request to authorize, okay well, I think have not talked to new people and it's a miracle in feathers quote dialogue:

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