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Letitbit.net Skymonk and dangerous trend 25.11.2011 20:53:02 [13]

In this post I will write about one thing that is annoying me, and this is something that has to use an external letitbit downloader for files and in some cases, without it you can not download files.

Iran attacked by a virus 14.11.2011 12:07:50 [1]

November 13th Head of the Department to protect the rear Kulzamirza Jalili reported on the detection of virus-spy named doco.

Russian Estonians and six caught the virus writing 11.11.2011 13:25:10 [3]

Another group of hackers was discovered, this time it's been six Estonians and one Russian. Hacking network operated since 2007 and during that time managed to get a virus about 4 million computers and that's just the official statistics.

Koreans create a flexible memory 08.11.2011 10:56:33 [2]

In the Korean Institute of KAIST invented a new type of permanent memory. The peculiarity of this memory is the ability to use it in a flexible (deformable) devices, as this memory is different from the normal use of it memristor.

AMD is preparing to lay off 10% of its employees 04.11.2011 15:07:33 [0]

In AMD's came to power and threatens another climber to arrange a doomsday 10% of the employees.

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