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tinyMCE cut tags 11.11.2011 15:05:32 [1]

Often creates problems tinyMCE editor cutting of the text-specific tags, such as: <noindex>, <object>, <style>, <param>, <embed> and many others.

Trouble with .GetMonth () 02.11.2011 11:46:07 [0]

In its CMS decided to make the substitution date on JavaScript and not notice the strange features .getMonth()

Filtering a long list of select 27.10.2011 16:31:00 [1]

Today I will show you how to make a list with a filter for the administration of the site, unfortunately my wrapper "select" list is not very cross-browser, and not understandable for the user is not prepared, so wrappers can be used effectively only in the administrative part of the site, by the way in my Dashed CMS used this wrapper for lists.

I have written in javascript function 24.10.2011 14:34:39 [0]

In this article I will present my bicycle functions.

Favorite features javascript 24.10.2011 11:48:17 [0]

So in this article, I'll write about my favorite features in the programming language JavaScript.

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