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This section is a continuation of a blog on bloger.ekaraganda.kz, all the themes that I lift ban on the blog, I'll write here...

Two reasons for the war 05.01.2012 13:39:36 [2]

In this post I bude to draw parallels with the nature of social life ... As the name implies the post I'm going to find the cause of all wars on this planet and not just war, as well as other anti-social tendencies of society.

Solar cell which would be suitable for use in Karaganda 05.01.2012 12:55:39 [0]

Walking down the street I turned my attention to the traffic light equipped with a solar panel ... Recently, it snowed and it is natural that the panel has become useless.

Monuments of Karaganda 05.01.2012 12:37:46 [0]

Relatively recently, the city was completed once the monument, "Stele of independence." To me, this stele resembles a simple lightning rod and frankly scary as it is by her side during thunderstorms and strong winds.