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Solar cell which would be suitable for use in Karaganda

05.01.2012 12:55:39
This section is a continuation of a blog on bloger.ekaraganda.kz, all the themes that I lift ban on the blog, I'll write here...
Walking down the street I turned my attention to the traffic light equipped with a solar panel ... Recently, it snowed and it is natural that the panel has become useless.
It is natural that these technologies are useless in our area. And so I began to think about how all the same in our country could be applied solar panels.
That's a conceptual idea came up, everything was quite easy! Solar panel can be done in several cylinders to supply an electric motor and controller. When pollution cylinder will turn and brush off the dust, snow and mud, which will continue production of electricity.
I present to you some of the conceptual model of such a solar panel. Forgive the quality of visualization is not photorealistic, three-dimensional graphics alas I'm just a little carried away, let alone have not been practicing ...
As you can see in the picture are cylinders with explanations ... Solar cells take the form of cylinders are grouped into two cylinders placed between a pair of brush that rotates with the cylinder and clears them from the polluter. Between pairs of cylinders there is a gap to clear the snow. Cylinders should be rotated in the opposite direction to each other naturally in the direction of the outer gap ...

This picture is not very detailed and it almost did not see the brushes, so I made a couple more shots, the second picture shows a pair of cylinders and cleaning brush, in fact the picture shows the whole meaning of the concept. The third picture is a general plan, it's ridiculous but it looks like a simple table with rollers. In these images, I have omitted many details, such as motors, controllers and cables. I think they represent no sense, since they are not the main idea of ​​the concept.
Unfortunately, this idea probably will remain unrealized, because I do not have the necessary depth of knowledge and technical equipment to implement this concept.
It remains to dream that someone of you who reads this post will be able to turn into reality the idea.
I am 100% sure that such a solar panel capable of functioning in our area, although it many disadvantages such as increased cost and reduced very efficient due to the shape and energy costs for treatment. In my opinion it's better than nothing. For example a sheet of wood efficiency when converting solar energy into chemical is only 1%, but this did not prevent the plants to grow more ...

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