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Monuments of Karaganda

05.01.2012 12:37:46
This section is a continuation of a blog on bloger.ekaraganda.kz, all the themes that I lift ban on the blog, I'll write here...
Relatively recently, the city was completed once the monument, "Stele of independence."

To me, this stele resembles a simple lightning rod and frankly scary as it is by her side during thunderstorms and strong winds. Even if it was designed and built according to conscience, that in our country is not always so ... In general, any monuments not make me good thoughts, I see them in the first place wasted resource of nature and human labor. All of this could be used to better advantage to the public.

Any cultural activists objected to me that the monuments are culturally educational purposes. For me, this is not an argument, because the memory of the people and events should be kept in mind in terms of knowledge and a heart in the form of emotions.

Having constructed the monument you do not change the minds of youth, as well as forcibly drummed into history lessons in school, does not lead to better knowledge of the subject. Monuments of interest only to those who fanateet from it. For example a writer who loves a particular writer. Or patriot who saw tighter stele. But for those to whom they have influence, they are indifferent, and therefore do not perform their function. Just piles of stone and metal. Is not it better simply to educate in schools and homes of people free-thinking, technically educated, far more useful than the imposition of excessive humanitarian as false history, literature, and spent the last culture.

Distorted the whole time history memory can be replaced by raising feelings of fairness, rationality and sanity.

In our society, the main problem is the behavior thoughtlessness, greed and blind selfishness. Few think about their desires and actions of mankind can find a loophole in the laws of capitalist self-interest!

Our society spends a lot of resources into the empty:

Sponsored system, all there banners, posters

Ornaments, lamps ... ;

Flowers on a holiday greeting cards;


Maintenance of the economic system;

The military rivalries.

And much more!

That's for example take these stupid dirty flags in the city
Грязные флаги в Караганде

What good are they, they do not even beautiful, I might even say ugly. However, they hung up without thinking and spent a resources and energy of people.

In essence, the strength of democracy is that many people find the right solution. On the planet is not ademocracy the power of intelligent people and the hidden totalitarian system, which does not passthrough itself the right decisions most pressing problems.

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