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Two reasons for the war

05.01.2012 13:39:36
This section is a continuation of a blog on bloger.ekaraganda.kz, all the themes that I lift ban on the blog, I'll write here...
Перенаселение In this post I bude to draw parallels with the nature of social life ...
As the name implies the post I'm going to find the cause of all wars on this planet and not just war, as well as other anti-social tendencies of society. Well the reason is the confusion of two, namely overpopulation population and the desire to pick up something from a neighbor which is not the aggressor. But the biggest impact is having all of the first factor.
Imagine that, for life on earth is only one source of energy and the sun, other sources do not exist! Well the truth is still the core of the earth, but it operates on internal processes rather than external, so no sun living matter on our planet could not be reincarnated in a variety of species. The main processors of solar energy in plants. They occupy large surface areas and processed minerals, water and carbon dioxide into organic matter. Plants are eaten by herbivores, but what happens if the animals become too much?It's simple food becomes less and some animals die from starvation, and the part that starts to eat to survive than a living organism, and sometimes even their own kind. In any case, even the eating of the body other than itself, can be considered cannibalism!
And what will happen if the population of animals will deliberately keep the balance? Naturally this approach predators will not be formed, but if this control was from the beginning! And in those cases where control acquired after the formation of predators, the population will be wiped out by predators and then predators die off themselves and the space will be released to other populations able to control their own growth ...
Oh, how cruelly destroyed a whole species, and for him to lose and the other! But such a scheme of self-control is available only intelligent beings such as humans, though not entirely successful example ...The more people using their intelligence may destroy all threats from the other, before you start to control their population!
Жертвы войн But what happened, people climbed to the top of the food pyramid, but the control population did not appear! Thus, population growth has increased and people began to predators for each other, began to devour each other by means of war, murder, theft, fraud and manipulation of the masses.
In other words it is not a regrettable war became overseers population. Just as the horror of evil makes good business, and even more appalling that such a good-looking as the birth of a child becomes a real evil, provoking the world to destroy the excess of living beings in conflicts over resources and space!
Жертвы войн In my opinion to solve this problem, each person on the planet should objectively consider whether or not he blindly rubber-stamp his like, in my opinion it is better not to make a child into the world, than if he had as a result of his life saw the cruelty of war or become a failure in society, which he has no room for self-realization!
We are moving in the wake of his instinct, ego and selfishness, not thinking to give the world a new life, we do not care whether there is room for this life, whether society is able to accept this new life. We close our eyes and optimism do not want to see anything but their own desires, and as a result of the child is in a world shrouded perennial competition, deceit, cruelty, perversion and filthy environment. Ultimately, the nature of unconscious intelligence back to the old methods of struggle with overpopulation: wars (the predators), disease, corruption (parasites), there are also new techniques: religion, the drug business, show business, gaming industry, the Internet and much more. People do not notice how they become hostage to the environment and gradually destroy themselves and others to tighten the same network failure. These methods are slightly constrain the over-population, but they do not bring happiness to living organisms, analogous to happiness is self-delusion and allusion to prosperity.
But in reality, a person gets up early in the morning out of the house get into plugs in his ears, filling the brain meaningless noise, rides the bus to not really benefit the work, and then late at night in the same way back home, and there waiting for him or psevdosemeynoe happiness or prosizhivanie timeenthusiasm for mozgopromyvayuschim (internet, games, filmoprosmotry and the like).
Living in a society only creates the desire to consume, and hence the desire to have more resources and so is not very much, it appears social cannibalism, parasitism, and manipulation.

Separately, about parasitism and corruption.

Чиновники Once read an article about different kinds of ants, and from it was clear that the main enemy of these social insects are the various forms of parasitism, leading to the death of entire colonies of ants. Often parasites mask their scent by scent and get inside the colony, and later during the life of ants eat the eggs until the colony dies. There are also species of ants, uterine fraud is spreading to other colonies.There are small parasites that are getting into the body of an ant change his nervous system so that he committed suicide in a certain manner, which allows the parasite to use the body of an ant to display their offspring.
All these types of parasitism exist in our society in the form of corrupt officials in the form of whole countries and peoples.
I will not name them, but the reader may think that I am a nationalist, it is not so, but the actions of several nationalities, and social systems are very similar to these parasitic forms.

Муравьиные паразиты Муравьиные паразиты
Here are the drug dealers parasites in ant societies.

The most interesting thing that in contrast to the nature of the parasites in our society are not formed from other species, such as from us, and the only way to get rid of them is to begin to educate a new generation, reasonable and appropriate people who can see the world sensibly and correctly make a decision.

In the meantime, decisions are made by fools rushing into the power and clever stand aside and look at the fear of fools and their solutions ... And if you have the opportunity to laugh and ...

These are the people and make decisions for us, they lead people into the abyss for a stupid and kill many people for their stupid goals. A rise of these stupid tyrants, stupid parents, and not suitable samokonkurentnoe society.

I think things will change only when 99% of the population is aware of its responsibility for everything that surrounds it. That awareness of the environment can make society go the right way and man-made laws can not replace awareness of the correct path. But wait this is not necessary, even if many are beginning to realize the viciousness of the existing system, not many people will risk everything to change and continue to follow the rules imposed by the old game ...

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